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The Best Steam Cleaners Revealed

One of the most used and, indeed, abused materials in one’s household would probably the carpet. One of the best loved ornamental pieces in every home, a carpet became one of the best staples in making a room warm and welcoming. From the expensive and exclusive Persians down to the cheap and discounted ones, carpets have truly made every house more engaging and accommodating to various recreational and fun activities.

Hate Cleaning? Then, Carpet Is Not For You

In spite of being functional and ornamental, acquiring and maintaining a carpet in your home can be really quite a headache, especially when it comes to cleaning them. From kitchen stains, to pet fur, and shoe dusts, carpet left unattended in days could accumulate tons and tons of dirt. Dirty carpets are not only unsightly but are one of the best hosts to germs and bacteria.

Help! My Carpet Made My Children Sick

To keep your family safe and protected from diseases caused by common bacteria, it is important to keep your carpets clean by disinfecting it at least twice a month. However, one of the disadvantages of using disinfectants in cleaning home is that its strong solution could fade your carpet’s colours, leaving some unsightly clean but ‘white’ spots.

Steam It: The Best Solution to Carpet Cleaning

If you care for your carpet, you must greatly consider doing away with disinfecting and instead opt for steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners work by a combination of water and heat to produce steam. The steam then loosens up the dirt that is clogged up inside the carpet, thereby, making it so much easy for you to remove stubborn dirt located in hard-to-reach areas. Overall, steam cleaners are an all-in-one comprehensive solution for disinfecting and eliminating dust mites, foul odors and stains from your beloved carpet. 

The Best Steam Cleaners in the Market

Though there are many contenders for the top two spots, we highly recommend trying Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaning and Hoover SteamVac Plus Steam Cleaner.

The Bissell ProHeat carpet cleaning delivers a foolproof carpet clean with its extra-wide nozzle that works perfectly both on forward and reverse vacuum function. The package also comes with upholstery and auto-cleaning add-ons, making it an all-around cleaning solution.

Great for those who are looking for bargains, the Hoover SteamVac Plus is one of the esteemed carpet cleaners that deliver infallible carpet cleaning. If this is your first time to use steam cleaners, then, we suggest using this user friendly pro-cleaner for beginners.

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